Our Guiding Principles

1) Student-Centred Integrated Learning 

Students at River Heights Elementary are encouraged to make connections and build mental bridges between subject areas.  We weave subject area concepts and content together in meaningful ways (rather than allowing math to remain in isolation from social studies, for example). This integrated approach to learning facilitates a deeper level understanding and a higher level of student engagement as they develop ownership in projects and activities involving more than one curriculum subject.  We implement technology where it will enhance learning and access.  Technology is seen as a tool for learning rather than an activity in and of itself.


2) Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Critical and creative thinking skills are central to our program.  Students are immersed in the use of thinking skills that are then used to investigate curriculum topics mandated by the Alberta Education Curriculum.  The application of Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats is taught throughout the school, as well as additional thinking strategies suitable for particular grade levels.  These thinking skills are valuable tools which encourage students to grow in creative and critical thought patterns.


3) Student Independence and Interdependence

We believe in challenging students to become more responsible for their learning and to grow in their feelings of independence.  We do this by offering activities which encourage children to make clear plans, organize their ideas and resources, investigate topics, share their learning with others and reflect on their own progress.  We also encourage skillful interdependence by setting learners up with opportunities to work together in meaningful ways where the success of the group depends on all to contribute, where the contributions of each matter. 


4) Safe and Caring Learning Environment

Students and Staff demonstrate the following Tribes Agreements in our interactions with each other and with families.

    1. Demonstrate mutual respect.

    2. Offer appreciations.  Do not give put-downs.

    3. Exercise the right to pass; respect the right of others to participate.

    4. Demonstrate attentive listening.


River Heights Elementary provides parents with one option to consider as they make a selection best suited to meet the needs of their child and his/her learning style.  By making the deliberate choice to attend River Heights Elementary, both parents and children are demonstrating a commitment to the education philosophy and goals of our school.

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