Mrs. Dowling
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I believe in the motto of the school...Explore, Create, Reflect and the constructivist philosophy. This is my fourth year teaching grade one students, but my 25th year teaching.  I love grade one students' enthusiasm for learning, their sense of humor and their great big kind and beautiful hearts.  


On a regular basis, you will find us singing, acting, dancing and laughing, photographing and creating art while we are exploring, creating and reflecting, sharing and learning!

I really enjoy creating critical thinking challenges for the students and watching the students working independently and interdependently to solve the challenges. Integrating all of the subjects, technology and inquiry into the critical thinking challenges is also a pleasure for me.

My favorite way to use my creativity is to invent themes that focus on science, inquiry projects involving history, integrating the arts and literature, technology and challenging the students to think creatively and critically! My newest adventure is to visual journal in the classroom and personally.  What fun! 
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I am the editor of the ATA Fine Arts Council publication called A Fine FACTA.  I also serve on the School District's Technology Committee, am piloting the Fresh Grade digital portfolio and Power School.

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I am a firm believer in taking the students out into the community and also bringing the community to the classroom.  My class was the first class ever in Medicine Hat to participate in the community classroom program at Police Point.  Since then, many other teachers have also joined in on the adventure.  I also helped to create a community classroom at the Medicine Hat College and have given input to the program at Cypress Hills, Alberta. With my students, I have worked with Arne Handley, a local potter, Gena LaCoste, a watercolorist, Maureen Newton, an artist and entrepreneur, and Debbie Lloyd, a Cree elder.


At home, I can be found taking photographs around my acreage, drawing, and painting watercolor or mixed media pictures or visual journaling. I also love reading, kindred spirits like Anne of Green Gables, and watching movies. The prairie and the ocean and lakes warm my heart.

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I also enjoy swimming, playing basketball and volleyball. playing the piano and going on long walks with my dog or my friends and my camera!  I also have a blog that celebrates positive things about my days, the world and my art!

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This summer I spent many days kayaking and creating art.  I love anything to do with water and nature and the Arts!   During the summer, I jorneyed to Golden Prairie, Maple Creek, Rattlesnake Lake, Elkwater, Rosebud and California!  

I had the courage a few years ago to enter some photography, pen and ink and watercolor, oil and pastel art into the Summer Games and the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede. I was surprised to earn a bronze medal at the Summer Games for a pen and ink drawing of a tree from Police Point. It was called, "Aging Gracefully."  It was a pleasure to run into my Art teacher from CHHS there, Mr. Allan Jensen.  The circle of life continues to turn.

I love my two horses, my dog and 4 cats, and most animals in general!

I have two wonderfully smart and athletic sons and a great supportive husband and family.  My eldest son is a computing engineer in San Francisco for an Amazon company called Twitch!  He is married to a wonderful wife and they have a beautiful little girl and another one on the way!  Yes, I am a GRANDMA!!!!!  My youngest son is in his second year in college and he plays the guitar and is a great student who is studying to be a mechanical instrumantationist (previously known as a heavy duty mechanic) like his grandpa!  My husband works for Cypress County and is a wanna be cowboy!  The four of us play instruments and have a wonderful time jamming at Christmas!

I have a dedicated mother who has volunteered in my classroom for about 23 years! She helps us weekly and on field trips.
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At River Heights, I enjoy working teachers who share the same passion for teaching and philosophy of education. I also really love to share my passion of the Arts with students.  I appreciate parent helpers and open communication between the school and home.

I love to learn!

Thank you for sharing your child with me!  I am honored to help them  to grow as a person and to help them learn, explore, create and reflect!

Thanks for reading my biography.